Saturday, September 12, 2009

5-Day Watercolor Portrait Workshop in New Zealand

If you ever wanted to visit New Zealand and attend one of my watercolor workshops, this is certainly a prime opportunity. As you know a 5-day workshop in the States can cost $750 and up. New Zealand Art Schools is offering this 5-day watercolor portrait workshop for half the cost at $525 NZ dollars the equivalent of $375 USD.

Unlike my regular portrait workshops that are done from life, this 5-day workshop will focus on portraiture using photographic reference. The New Zealand Art Schools are not well equipped for a live model set up, so we decided to offer this unique opportunity. In addition to my regular course of instruction, lectures will include how to take good photographic reference, printing your own photos and how to deal with distortion.

For the exacting realism found in my work, most of day one will focus primarily on the drawing aspect of the portrait. With instruction on the proper use of angles, plumb lines and relative measurement, students will learn how to acquire correct proportions in order to achieve a likeness of the model. As the course continues, this intensive workshop will then focus on painting. Lectures will include basic color theory, how to see and execute correct value relations, proper treatment of edges, and so much more. Demonstrations in watercolor techniques will include wet into wet, glazing, and my signature dry brush technique.

5-Day Portrait in Watercolor Workshop
October 7-11, 2009
New Zealand Art Schools
61 Seaview Road
Lower Hutt, New Zealand
Phone: (04) 568 4126
Fax: (04) 568 3027


  1. Bravo for your very good work, I hope you'll have many students !
    Bonne continuation à tous les deux,



  2. Do you think that you will be doing another workshop like this which focuses on painting from photographic reference again any time soon? I would be very interested because I like to paint from life, but usually time constraints mean that I need to get good photos of my subjects and work from those. Your work is so beautiful - I hope I will be able to attend a workshop some day!


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