Monday, June 25, 2012

OPA National

Many thanks to my good friend Katie O'Hagan for informing me that I received the Silver Medal Award in the OPA (Oil Painters of America) National Exhibition for my painting "Karen in White". All of the award winners can now be viewed on the OPA website.Congratulations to all of the exhibitors and award winners!!

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  1. My friend, Frank Ordaz, is a remarkable realist oil painter. I highly regard his work as one of the eminant portrait painters in America if not the world . He is worthy of distinction.
    Please check him out, one of his works should go to Bejing, China with your current exhibition.



Daughter of Hope

Daughter of Hope
Pencil - 36" x 23"

Abby Rose

Abby Rose
Graphite & White Charcoal on Toned Paper - 20" x 16"